The Off-Board EV Charger with Digital Half Bridge LLC topology uses mathematical modelling to achieve high energy density, increasing safety, reducing weight, and improving efficiency, with AIS156 standards. It supports different battery types, and charging methods include Pre-charge, CC, CV, CP, floating/trickle, or Power exchange on CAN Command this platform can support up from 0.2KW~1.5KW.


  • Charge Voltage Cut-off To Prevent The REESS From Being Overcharged 
  • Whenever REESS is Connected For Charging Soft-start Function Is Activated 
  • Deep Discharge Condition Of REESS is Detected By Pre-charge Function 
  • Protects Against Input Supply Variation 120v ~ 280v 
  • Earth Leakage Detection: Input RCD 30mA at Plug Input To Meet AIS156 
  • On-board/portable Charger Have CAN, UART To Communicate With BMS  

Block Diagram

Electrical Characteristics

 Max. Output Power 120W~350W
 Rated Power 290W
 Nominal Input Voltage Range 230VAC
 Operating Range  120V-280VAC
 Input Current To The Charger <3A 
 Input Frequency 45 - 65Hz
 Output Voltage Range  33 - 60VDC
 Rated Output DC Current 7A
 Max Output Current (33-60V I/P, Continuous) 8A
 Minimum Current Output 0.1A
 Nominal Default Voltage 51.8VDC
 Voltage Tolerance ±0.1VDC
 Current Tolerance ±0.5A
 Efficiency @ >30% load >=90% 
 Peak Efficiency >=96%
 THD <5%
 Power Factor (active PFC), LLC >=0.99
 No Load / Standby Power Consumption <1W
 Inrush Current (AC side) <5A
 Leakage Current  <30mA
 Ramp Up/Down Time for 1V change <100ms 
 Cold Start Time <5s 


 Under Voltage & Overvoltage Without Jitter Over Current & Short Circuit Protection
 Surge Protection Type 3 Inbuilt TVS 6kV B72220S0301K101 O/P Reverse Polarity Protection 
 O/P Overvoltage Protection: Cut off after 59 ± 1 V  Automatically Shut Down After Full Charge
 Charger Thermal Cut Back: Based On Customer Housing Design Residual Current Protection through RCD:
 Optional in Adaptor Mounting


 3000 VAC , 50 Hz, 1 min , <10 mA
 1500 VAC, 50 Hz, 1 min , <10 mA
 500 VDC , 50 M ohm (min)

Communication Features

 Communication Interface   CAN2.0B 500Kbps / Isolated CAN UART Automatic Shutdown Yes
 Standby Power Of  Yes


 2 LED’s Multi-colored LED Indicator for
 - Battery Status
 - Error and Fault Indication
 - SOC Indication in terms of % - 25%,50%,75% & 100%
 Can be customized
 as per the customer spec

 Faults and Alerts Alarms over CANBus.
 LED Lights
 Warning and Fault Handling Logic Can Be Implemented
 Can be customized
 as per the customer spec 

Test Procedure

 Power Factor Of PFC at Universal Operating Range
 Constant Voltage Minimum And Maximum Range
 Constant Current Minimum And Maximum Range
 0.2 ~ 7A
 Soft Start Time 
 1 Sec
 Current And Voltage Protection 
 CAN Communication
 Overall Efficiency

 EV 350W Variants
 48V, 7A
  60V, 5A
 72V, 4A