3P4W Panel Meter


A Panel Meter is a device used to measure and display of various electrical or physical parameters such as voltage, current, frequency, power factor etc. Panel meters are commonly used in industrial control systems and process automation applications where precise measurements of these parameters are required. They can be powered by either AC or DC voltage sources.  


  • Meter Accuracy : Class - 1
  • Rated Voltage : 240V 
  • Max Current : 30A 
  • Auxillary Supply : 120V - 240V AC 
  • Communication : RS485 (Modbus protocol) 
  • Display : 7 Segment LCD Display With Backlight 
  • Harmonics : Detects upto 21st Harmonic  


  • Process Control and automation 
  • Distribution Systems
  • Test And Measurement  

Block Diagram