Solar Water Pump


A Solar Water Pump Is An Innovative And Eco-friendly Device Designed To Harness The Power Of Sunlight To Pump Water For Various Applications. It Utilizes Solar Energy Through Photovoltaic Panels To Convert Sunlight Into Electrical Energy, Which Is Then Used To Power The Pump And Move Water From A Water Source.


  • Operating Voltage 120V-450VDC. 
  • Output Power: up-to 2KW. 
  • Built in MPPT Algorithm. 
  • Motor Type: BLDC or PMSM. 
  • Dry run protection 
  • GSM interface / isolated UART 
  • Isolated 24VDC output for RMU 
  • 16x2 LCD display    


  • Agricultural Irrigation 
  • Community Water Projects 
  • Domestic water supply

Block Diagram