A Headlamp Driver Acts As A Power Regulator And Controller For The Headlamp System, Ensuring The Proper Functioning Of The Bike's Lighting System. The Headlamp Driver Plays A Vital Role In Providing Adequate Illumination For The Rider During Low Light Conditions, Such As At Night Or In Foggy Weather.It Ensures That The Headlamp Maintains A Steady And

Consistent Light Output, Providing Visibility And Enhancing The Safety Of The Rider. It’s used in Automotive Vehicles Like Bike, Car, and Tractors.


  • Scalable Power Stage Max 50W.
  • LED Configuration

      - Boost Mode.

      - Buck Boost Mode.

      - SPEIC Mode.

  • It can Control High Beam & Low Beam
  • Primary Current Regulation
  • Protection: Battery Reverse And Short Circuit
  • Power Supply: Adjustable LED, Current Upto 2000mA

Block Diagram