Yageo Corporation has been at the forefront in manufacturing a diverse array of electronic components since its inception in 1977. The company is the world leader in designing and manufacturing chip resistors and is also a leading MLCC manufacturer. The electronic component brand works on a global scale with production and sales centers set up across Asia, the Americas, and Europe.

Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors, Capacitor Arrays, Chip Resistors, High-Frequency Resistors, Resistors Arrays, Cement Resistors, Aluminum Housed Resistors, RC – Network & Inductors, Bluetooth Antenna, and Electrolytic Capacitors are the main products of the company.

The company finds a potent share in the Indian market via SMET, who proactively markets and distributes revolutionary Yageo products. We have the designing capabilities and the focus to supply Indian customers kits of components and passives. Yageo Corporation provides a one-stop solution for customers with its comprehensive line of electronic products that meet diverse requirements.

The board product offerings are targeted at various vertical markets consisting of applications for consumer electronics, industrial, telecommunications, power & energy, IoT, and automotive & transportation. Global customers include EMS, ODM, OEM, and distributors.