Melexis stands as a pivotal player in the semiconductor industry, offering an extensive portfolio of integrated circuits tailored to various applications. With a global presence spanning three continents and a diverse workforce of 1,700 colleagues representing 50 nationalities, Melexis is deeply entrenched in the semiconductor landscape. While their offerings cover a wide spectrum of semiconductor solutions including sensors, drivers, and transceivers, Melexis primarily focuses on serving the automotive industry, where their innovations play a crucial role in advancing automotive technology.

Beyond automotive, Melexis extends its reach to a multitude of markets, each benefiting from the transformative potential of their semiconductor solutions. In the realm of alternative mobility, Melexis ICs contribute to the enhancement of e-bikes, drones, and other transport modes, elevating factors such as range, safety, and comfort. In the domain of smart appliances, Melexis ICs empower products ranging from gaming consoles to white goods and electronic toys, augmenting performance and user experience. SMET's success in bringing Melexis’s esteemed brand image, quality assurance, and unparalleled technical support to the Indian market speaks volumes.

In addition to automotive and the aforementioned markets, Melexis extends its expertise to domains such as robotics, energy management, and digital health. By developing innovative ICs that capture environmental signals and facilitate precise energy management, Melexis enhances the capabilities of robots and enables efficient energy utilization. Furthermore, in the field of digital health, Melexis delivers reliable and precise ICs crucial for health applications, underscoring their commitment to fostering advancements in healthcare technology.