MinebeaMitsumi solidifies its position as one of the foremost global manufacturers of Brushed DC Motors, ranking among the top two in the world. With a product range spanning from diameters of 8 to 38.6mm and lengths from 12.4mm to 65mm, MinebeaMitsumi's Brushed DC Motors cater to diverse industrial applications. The company's manufacturing prowess extends to the production of two distinct types of magnets: Ferrite Magnet type, encompassing PAN14 and PAN10 variants tailored for the automotive 2W and 4W markets, addressing critical applications such as ESCL, Seat Locks, Tailgates, and Door Latches.

Moreover, MinebeaMitsumi offers High-Performance Neodymium Magnet type motors, specifically the "S" Series, designed to meet the demanding requirements of 4-wheelers. In addition to its wide array of motor offerings, MinebeaMitsumi is committed to providing tailored solutions to its clientele through semi-customization support. This includes expertise in coil winding design, allowing for optimization of motor specifications and cost structures based on individual customer requirements.

MinebeaMitsumi has a strong foothold in India by joining hands with SMET, where it ensures that its motors are aligned with the specific needs and budgetary constraints of its diverse customer base. By consistently delivering cutting-edge solutions that are finely tuned to meet the evolving demands of various sectors, MinebeaMitsumi remains a trusted partner for businesses seeking reliable and efficient motor solutions tailored to their unique applications and specifications..