With exceptional designing capabilities and expertise in various areas of power semiconductor technology, AOS develops pioneering products by differentiating itself via Mosfets, IGBT, integrated Discrete and IC semiconductor process technology, advanced packaging, and robust design to provide high-performance power management solutions.

SMET has associated itself with AOS for over a decade to market and sell its products in India and South East Asia Market. The company also develops numerous in-house solutions using AOS products to serve several consumer segments and fulfill high-volume applications, including portable computers, flat-panel TVs, LED lighting, smartphones, battery packs, consumer, and industrial motor controls and power supplies for TVs, computers, servers, and telecommunications equipment.

SMET has also enabled AOS to bring innovative products and extensive technical knowledge that encompasses the latest advancements to address the dynamic requirements of the Indian market. We constantly strive to bring immense value to our customers, shareholders, and employees.