Mercury Systems Inc.

The global leader in manufacturing mission-critical technologies has an able representative in SMET to distribute its products in India. This result is the success of an amalgamation formed with Micronetics Inc., and SMET was the primary distributor of Micronetics products since 2010, which was acquired by Mercury Systems Inc.

Mercury Systems Inc. is headquartered in Andover, MA, with numerous manufacturing and design facilities dotting the globe. The company specializes exclusively in engineering and manufacturing robust solutions that meet industry demands and future high-tech requirements. The company continues its esteemed partnership with SMET that has already booked over 2M worth of business for high power switches. SMET has also booked over 7 million worth of business for products including, isolators, circulators, and switches. Heritage and Legendry Products from earlier KOR, ENON, MICA, Microsemi, and Delta Microwave products are also a major part of Mercury Systems. These companies have been serving the Military and space markets for decades..