The consolidation of TriQuint, RFMD, Custom MMIC, and Decawave under the unified entity of Qorvo marks a significant milestone in the realm of communications technology. By merging their respective expertise and resources, Qorvo emerges as a powerhouse capable of addressing a broad spectrum of high-growth segments within the global market. With a strategic focus on advanced wireless devices, wired and wireless networks, as well as defense radar and communications systems, SMET has associated itself with the brand for over a decade to market and sell its products in India

From amplifiers and attenuators to limiters, phase shifters, and discrete transistors, Qorvo's product line embodies a commitment to innovation and reliability. Moreover, their contributions extend beyond traditional radio frequency components to encompass optical solutions, passives, switches, filters, and duplexers, catering to the intricate needs of contemporary communication infrastructures.

As Qorvo navigates the dynamic landscape of technology, its amalgamation of talents and capabilities enables it to drive progress and unlock new possibilities within the communications industry. By harnessing synergies among its constituent entities, Qorvo is positioned to pioneer advancements that not only enrich the connectivity experience but also empower industries and individuals alike with seamless, reliable, and cutting-edge communication solutions.