MCV Microwave

Operating from San Diego, California, MCV MICROWAVE is the chief manufacturer of RF microwave filters since 1995. The company has won the accolades of several Fortune 500 companies across commercial wireless and high-reliability space and aerospace market. SMET grabbed the attention of this renowned company in the annual international Microwave symposium held in the United States. We left no stone unturned to convert this opportunity into a long-term relationship and distribute their extensive range of products in the Indian Subcontinent for space programmers’ in the filter designs.  

However, the successful orders from space application Centre from MCV is the icing on the cake for SMET. Through this partnership, MCV had become the preferred partner for Indian Space Programs. Their exclusive products in this area include Dielectric materials with hardly any competitors to match their caliber. With over 20 years of expertise matched with continuous innovation, MCV is well-equipped to manufacture patented high Q dielectric ceramic materials to achieve optimum results and performance in TE mode dielectric resonators.

MCV Microwave is also the pioneer in manufacturing high-performance w passive intermodulation, PIM microwave filters, and frequency interference mitigation solutions for the cellular base station, small cell, Pico cell, distributed antenna system (DAS), in-building networks, mobile hotspot, GPS, 4G LTE, and 5G massive MIMO solutions. And, SMET is MCV’s trusted partner in offering comprehensive solutions in related fields in the Asian markets.