A group of engineers from Wickmann Group came together in 2003 to design and produce high-quality fuse products having eleven constituent company and having their Headquarter in Songshan Lake China. Their portfolio consists of a range of revolutionary fuses and components for over-current, over-voltage, and over-temperature protection and related accessories. They have recently acquired some Sub-Brand ie. Adler Elektrotechnik and ASTM fuse their fuse category comprises of EV FUSE such as MEGA Fuse, MIDI Fuse, BLADE Fuse, Photovoltaic Fuses and System Protection, Power Utilities, SMD Chip, Square Body Fuses, GDT and their accessories as well, which are approved and certified through major international testing laboratories. The company offers specialized products with safety approvals like CE, VDE, UL, and others.

The brand enjoys a top position as a manufacturer for total circuit protection components and brand operators in China. The company boasts of over 10 years of factory experience with exemplary R&D skills, advanced facilities, and state-of-the-art equipment that combines with top=engineering mergers, acquisitions, and fieldwork to design and develop subsidiaries and powerful alliances. They were having R&D and Production and plant in different location at global level. Having production plant at different location such as 3 in Dongguan, 1 in XI’AN, and 1 in Hoijie China and R&D of their Overseas Sub Brand Adler R&D is in Leipzig Germany. .