Situated in South Korea, IKSESMI emerges as a dynamic player in the semiconductor industry, operating as a fabless semiconductor company with a penchant for innovation. Since its inception in 2000, IKSESMI has carved a distinctive niche for itself, boasting a robust infrastructure comprising its own design house and state-of-the-art test lab. Specializing in ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) development, IKSESMI continues to cater to a broad spectrum of clients spanning across Korea, China, India, and Europe.

With strategic offices and warehouses strategically located in Korea and Hong Kong, IKSESMI ensures seamless operations and efficient distribution to meet the needs of its diverse clientele. At the core of IKSESMI's operations lies its unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. In the vibrant landscape of the Indian Subcontinent, the company finds a thriving space through its partnership with SMET, catering to the diverse needs of over 100 customers.

IKSESMI's dedication to exceeding expectations is reflected in its relentless pursuit of quality and its ability to deliver tailored solutions that reshape possibilities for its clients. IKSESMI's journey is characterized by a steadfast dedication to staying ahead of the curve and anticipating the evolving needs of the semiconductor market..