Smoke Detector


A Smoke Detector Is An Electronic Device Works By Using Sensors To Detect Smoke Particles In The Air. The Sensors Are Designed To Detect Even Small Amounts Of Smoke, Which Can Indicate The Presence Of A Fire. When Smoke Is Detected, The Smoke Detector Sounds An Alarm, Alerting The Occupants Of The Building To The Potential Danger.


  • Fully Operational Residential Smoke Detector (Photoelectric Principle) 
  • Battery Powered (3V or 9V) and Optional AC Mains Supply 
  • Mechanical Smoke Chamber (3D print) 
  • Complete Smoke Detector System with only 2 key Components (RL78 MCU and AFE for Photoelectric Smoke Detection) 
  • LED and Buzzer Indication 
  • Self Test key 
  • User Defined Timer Interval For Smoke Detection (3 Min Standard)  


  • Industrial Facilities 
  • Commercial Use 
  • Vehicles 
  • Residential Use


Block Diagram