4G Modem 


A 4G Modem Is A Device That Allows You To Connect To The Internet Via A 4g Mobile Network, Providing Fast And Reliable Internet Connectivity. Compared To Traditional Wired Internet Connections, A 4G Modem Offers Increased Mobility And Enables Internet Access Without The Requirement Of A Physical Wired Connection.


  • UART Interface 9.6 to 921.6 kbps 
  • One 50 Ohm SMA Female Connector Supporting 1 Monostatic Antenna 
  • DC Voltage Range: 5V/2AMP 
  • LTE High Speed Packet Access

-LTE FDD: DL upto 150Mbps/UL upto 50Mbps 

-LTE TDD: DL upto 130Mbps/UL upto 35Mbps 

  • LTE Category 4 Module Optimized for M2M and IoT Applications 
  • Worldwide LTE, UMTS/HSPA+ and GSM/GPRS/EDGE Coverage 
  • Mult-constellation GNSS Receiver Available For Applications Requiring Fast And Accurate Fixes In Any Environmnet 
  • MIMO Technology Meets Demand For Data Rate And Link Reliability In Modem Wireless Communication Systems  


  • Mobile Internet Connectivity 
  • IoT Applications 
  • Remote Access 
  • Rural Broadband  

Block Diagram