Worlds No.1 Mcu Supplier supporting RL78 Family / R8C Family / Rx Family / RH850 Family, ARM based Synergy Platform, ARM based Rz Processor. Analog and Power devices : Diode, MOSFETs, IGBTs, IPDs, Thyristors and Triacs, Transistors, LED Driver ICs, EEPROM, SRAM, RF Devices. User friendly Tools & Renesas Interactive sessions. Video Surveillance & Security Application & Ready Solution support available.

Nordic Semiconductor is specilizing in ultra-low power wireless communication supporting Bluetooth® low energy, ANT+ and 2.4GHz application for IoT, wearables, smart home, lifestyle, beacons, sports & health, toys, etc. Nordic provides ready built design frameworks, world class documentation and support to accelerate development for both professional engineers & hobbyists.

TVS and ESD surge protectors including USB 3.1,Bridge rectifiers, Fast efficient rectifiers, Switching diodes, Zener diodes, Schottky diodes

Quectel offers GSM/GPRS Quad Band Modules with BLE, UMTS/HSPA/LTE, High performance GNSS Modules, Combo Modules, Smart Modules, Supports PPP, TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP, MMS, UDP Protocols. Applications : Wireless M2M sectors like Smart Metering, Automotive, Sales & Payment Gateways, Security, Tracking and Tracing, Remote Monitoring, Mobile Computing Etc.

Power Management ICs.DC-DC Convertors single ship multipower supplies, voltage regulators, charge pump ICs,Power MOSFETS, Pin Diodes, Temperature Sensors, OP Amps, Oscillators, LDOs & Clock Generators.

Lithium Ion Battery Protection IC, Hall Sensor IC, LDO Voltage Regulator, Automotive Grade EEPROM, Quartz Crystal, RTC, Lithium rechargeable Coin type Micro Battery etc.

Passive Components, Connecting Components : Relays Connectors, Switches, Sensors, Semiconductors : MCU, Analog ICS, Diodes, Transistors, LED's, Panel ICs, Image Sensors, Batteries and Energy Products.

ICS Memory : Power management, Data converters, sensors and MEMS, LED Drivers, Motor Drivers, Discrete : Transistors, Diodes, SIC Panel Devices, Opto Electronics : LED, Displays, Optical Sensors, IRDA Infrared communication. Passive Components : Resistors, tantalum capacitors, Modules : Panel modules, Wireless LAN modules

Quartz devices, RTC ICs, Micro-computers, Display Controllers, Voice Synthesis ICs, Camera Interface ICs, Analog front end ASICs.

SGMICRO has introduced more than 600 analog IC products with high performance, high quality and excellent reliability. Major products include High-precision and Low-noise Operational Amplifier, Ultra-low power comparator, Low-power / low-noise LDO, Analog switch, Microprocessor supervisory circuits, Video buffers, White LED drivers, High-efficiency DC/DC converters, Li-Ion battery chargers etc.

Ultra low power Embedded Wi-Fi semiconductor and software solutions to support growing demand for smartphone monitored and controlled devices and "Internet of Things" applications.

Sensor & Switch Solutions, Airflow, Force, Pressure Sensors, Position Sensors, Magnetic Sensors, Current Sensors, Temperature Sensors, Torque Transducers, Load Cells, Displacement Transducers, Switches and Relays, Micro switches, Limitless Switches

A leading Provider of non-volatile memory solutions - NOR Flash, NAND Flash, ROM.

Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitors, Capacitor Arrays, Chip Resistors, High Frequency Resistors, Resistor Arrays, Leaded Resistors, Cement resistors, Aluminium Housed resistors, RC – Networks and Inductors, Bluetooth Antenna, Electrolytic Capacitors

Thin / Thick Film Chip Resistors with variety of Technologies, Networks, Wire-wound, Current Sense Resistors, Anotherm Plates, Customizes Hybrid Microcircuits and Mil Qualified Resistors, High Precison, Low Ohmic Resistors, MOR.

Passives – Resistors, RF/Network unit, Thermistors, Capacitors, Filters, Inductors, EMC Components, Switches, Fuses, Batteries

A complete Range of plastic film capacitors-Plain polyester/metallised polyester/Plain polypropylene/metallised polypropylene, pain & metallised polypropylene mixed/mixed dielectric. Approvals: ERTL/ISO 9001:2008/ISO 14001:2004/CACT. RoHS complaint film capacitors available.

Chip Capacitors upto 3000V and High Capacitance Value upto 100uf, Chip Bead with size 1005 (0402) with Broad Range of Frequency, Impedence and Current, Multilayer Chip Varistors with case size 2012-0603, Light Weight and Small size, Inductors, EMC Components, Peizo Electric Products. Transformers through GS Technology Pte.Ltd

Fractus Antennas SL designs, manufactures and commercializes miniature, off-the-shelf antennas for smartphones. short-range wireless and connected loT devices. Founded as an independent antenna product business in 2015. Fractus Antennas was born out of the main Fractus operation and combines a respected R&D team with proven manufacturing capabilities and scale to bring to market a new generation of antenna products to meet the mobile and wireless connectivity needs of OEMs.

Nichicon Corporation, a Japanese Based Company was established in 1950. Specialized in Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors for focused segments like automotive, power supply, Lighting & other segments.

AMETHERM founded in 1994, specializes in high power equipment industry. It is focused on producing the widest range and highest quality of inrush current limiting power thermistors.

Custom – Built LCD Panels, LCD Modules, Graphic Modules, Character Modules, Color STN Modules, TFT Color Modules ranging from 1.4” to 10.4” with CPU, Digital RGB, Analog TGB and LVDS Interface. Also supports LCD with capacitive and resistive touch panel.

Vaccum Fluroscent Display 7 segment (clock and weighing scale application), Alphanumeric, Dot Matrix and Graphic Type, Front Luminous, Multi-color, Bi-Planar (VCD and DVD Application), COG and Grid on Separator VFD (Vivid Color and Higher Density pattern), Custom VFD/Module for Automotive DashBoard, Audio/Video and other applications. New OLED Display

A Complete Range of LEDs with LM-80 & UL Compliance. TOP LED: LED Bulb, Down Light & Street Light Applications 3528, 3030, 3014, 5630, 4014, 3535 with High Efficacy upto 140l /Watt High Life Span.
COB LED: LED Street Light Bay Light. Flood Light 3030, 2020, 3838, 1215 upto 120Watts with Metal & Ceramic substrate.
Plant Growth LEDs: Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Plants, Trees & Vegetation growth with Natural Light with 5000K CCT in 2835Package/0.2W FM-P3528WBRS-BS.

ATA/SATA, Crip, D-Sub, DIN, DVI, HDMI, IDC, FPC/FFC, IEEE1394 & Micro USB Connector-CAT5 Cable Assembly-Connectors Terminals.

"Gigavac manufactures HV Gas & Vaccum filled Relays, HV Reed Relays, HV RF Relays, Industrial Contactors continuous, Hi-Rel, Military Contactors – continuous cost effective sealed switching, ideal for vehicle and PV Systems, battery, disconnect-switch."

2”, 3” and 4” Thermal Printer with and without cutter, relays, connectors, input device, touch panel–wireless range for products bluetooth module, bluetooth + WLAN combo module, GPS and GPS + Bluetooth combo module, desktop printer module, touch panels

Degson is one of the largest manufacturers of terminal blocks and precise moulds in Asia. Degson offers wide range of terminal blocks - Plug-in, PCB screw, transformer, PCB Spring, Feed through, Barrier, Interface module, through-wall, PC Din rail, MK DIn Rail, WS Din Rail terminal blocks

ATTEND, founded in 2002, has been singularly committed to providing the total connectivity solution to customers worldwide. Major product lines cover various connector and cable offering including memory card socket, PCB card socket, I/O connector and cable assembly.

Microwave/RF Components, Sub–assembly and integrated Sub–systems used in a variety of Aerospace and Defense Applications such as Satellite Communications, Electronic Warfare and Counter–Measures, VCOs, High Power Limiters and Switches, Receiver Components, Noise Sources, Ferrite and Mixer Products.

Ceramic Filter, Clock Oscillator, Crystal Filter, Crystal/Resonator, DOCXO, HPXO, Lumped Element (LC) Filter, Microwave Filter, Modular Sub-systems, OCXO, planner Filter, SAW filter, Switched Filter, TCXO/TCVCXO/VCTCXO, Tunable Filter VCXO, Wimax Cavity Filter for Communications, Military, Avionics and Instrumentation.

Circuits: Power Amplifiers, Low Noise Amplifiers, Phase Shifters, Attenuators, Up-Converters, Down-converters and Switches.

Custom MMIC specialize in RF through millimeter-wave circuits for satellite communications, radar systems, cellular infrastructure, consumer electronics, VSAT and point-to-point radio systems.

S2D MICROWAVE. INC, specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of ultra broadband RF Microwave components, sub-systems and sub-assemblies for the applications ranging from space, defense and commercial.

MCV Microwave, founded in 1995 and headquartered in San Diego, California. specializes in the design and manufacture of advanced RF Microwave Filters and Antennas. They are specialized in Ceramic Filters, Band pass Filters, Band Reject Fitters, Notch Filters, Low pass Filters. High pass Filters, Diplexers, Duplexers, Multiplexers, Helical Filters, Lumped Element Filters, Cavity Filters, Combine Filters, Waveguide Filters, Suspended Substrate Filters, Dielectric Resonators, Dielectric Antennas, Broadband Antenna. High Q Dielectric Materials, Custom Design.

RF 360 Holdings offers comprehensive portfolio of filters and filters technologies, including surface acoustic wave [SAW], temperature compensated surface acoustic wave [TC-SAW], and bulk acoustic wave[BAW] solutions to support the wide range of frequency bands being deployed in networks across the globe.

Bell offers AC-DC & DC-DC power supplies, E-mobility products, SFP Transceivers, Custom modules, Linear Magnetics, SMD Power, Inductors, High Frequency Magnetics, Surface Mount Fuses, Resettable PTCs, Glass/Ceramic Tube Fuses & Fuse Clips, Connectors, Cable Assemblies, Fibre Optics, Microwave Components, Patching Solutions, Modular Plugs, Modular Connectors, Harsh Environment Cable Assemblies, Mag Jacks, TRP Connectors, Discrete Magnetics.

Gagavac Manufactures HV Gas & Vaccum filled Relays, HR Read Relays, HV RF Relays, Industrial Contactors-continuous, HI-Rel, Military-Contactors-continuous cost effective sealed switching, ideal for vehicle and PV systems, battery, disconnect-switch.

Fulling Motor co ltd. is an 1509000 professional manufacturer which is devoted to the automation control. Over the Last years it has been world-wide recognised as a specialist in the field of high performance electromechanical drive system. Motor production includes a complete range of stepper motors from traditional to hybrid, miniature, or high torque version,AC Servo Motor, D.C. brush and brushless motors.

AC -DC power supplies of different types like unit type, On board type, ACE and MAX Series isolated Medical/Industrial grade AC -DC Convertors and Noise filters for both single and three phase. DC-DC convertor PCB Type, On Board, Power Module of various Brick Sizes.

Lithium Batteries-Li/SOC12, Li-MnO2, Li-FeS2 Lithium-ion Batteries-Compact Power Batteries, Digital Products Batteries, Energy Storage power Batteries

HK Kingwell Energy Co. Ltd, is manufacturer of clean energy storage products such as rechargeable Li-ion batteries, Li-Polymer & Ni-MH batteries. Customized battery pack solutions, such as Li-ion , Li-Polymer & NI-MH battery packs & Battery management system for kind of Power, Industrial, Automotive & Medical Applications.

Lithium Batteries, Coin Button, Cells with 3V, Battery Holders, Silver Oxide & Zinc Air Batteries.

MOSFETS : Transistors, Rectifiers, Diodes, Regulators, LDOs, LED Drivers, IGBTs, Bridge Rectifiers, DIACS and Thyristors.

Diotec is German based ISO 9001:2008 company known for high quality discrete semiconductors products like Diodes, Bridge Rectifier, Zeners Diodes, TVS Diodes & Transistors for a wide range of applications.

MOSFETS: Wide voltage range: 20v to 1000v, power IC products: Multi-chip IC Power Discrete Solutions (Buck and Boost Regulators, Switch, LED Drivers & EZPower TM smart load switches), ESD Protection and EMI Filters, ([TVS]2TM, Analog Switches

Taiyo Yuden is a Japanese materials and electronics company. TY can offer various products in a wide range of fields such as automobile, industrial equipment, healthcare and environmental and energy sectors. They have various products to offer like Ceramic capacitors, Inductors. FBAR/SAW devices for mobile communications, Wifi+BLE modules and energy devices like Lithium Ion capacitors.

Trimble is an US based company, specialized in GPS, Laser, Inertial technologies along with application software and wireless communication. ThingMagic, a group of Trimble offers many UHF RFID readers like SARGAS, Mecury6, USB pro & USB plus and embedded RFID modules M6e, Micro. Nano & M5e for applications like access control, warehouse, toll & parking solutions, asset tracking & management. Also available RFID accessories - RFID Tags, Antenna, RFID Site Engineering services.

Bosch offers MEMS sensors - Accelerometers, Gyro, Inertial, Pressure, MAP, Engine managements ICs. System Supply ICs. :ambda Probe Sensing, Knock Detection, Inductive Wheel Speed, CAN-driver, CAN-controller, IGBT Halfbridge Module, MOSFET power modules, Alternator regulator ICs, application-specific ICs and IP modules, based on almost half a century of experience. We stand for future innovative technologies - driven by customer-specific requirements.

Opto coupler, transistor, high speed. IGBT Gate Driver, Triac Driver, Infrared Emitter, Infrared Detector. Shunt Regulator

Murata is a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of advanced electronic materials such as Wifi. BLE, Wifi+BLE combo modules, capacitors, Inductors. EMI suppression filters / ESD protection Devices. High-voltage resistors, sensors, timing devices, buzzers, RFIDs, filers, SAW components. RF switch.

Etron is a Taiwanese fabless IC design house since 1991, pioneering application-driven Buffer Memory and Leader of Known-Good-Die memory products ranging from SDR, ODR, DDR2, DDR3 SDRAM. LPDDR SDRAM. World's leader in USB3, 1 Type-C Switch Chip and Power Delivery ( PD2.0 upto 100W ) Controller. World's best cost/performance 3D Depth-Map Object-Capture and Platform.

TAEJIN Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in early 2000 and is the world leader in Power Management IC industry. The brand name 'HTC Korea' was created by Taejin Technology to meet customer's varied requirements. They offer voltage regulator, LDO regulators, CMOS LDO voltage regulators, D/C to D/C convertor IC and regulator for DOR termination. They also offer USB switches. LED drivers. converters, controllers, and signal conditioning products. Its products are used in computing. consumer, communication, and automotive applications.

Infrared Emitting Diode, Photo Diode, Photo Transistor. PIN photodiode. Daylight Sensor, Photo IC. Ambient Light & Proximity Sensor. Photo interrupterlReflective, Transmissive & Separated), Optical Digital Encoder, Distance Sensor. LEDs, Iris Scanner.

Raytac Corporation was established in 2004. Provides fully certified modules with Bluetooth specification ST 4.1, BT 4.2 and the latest BT 5.0 based on Nordic Semiconductor Multi-protocol ARM Cortex SOC ranging from 192KB FLASH to 1MB FLASH with 24KB RAM to 256KB RAM, with regional safety regulation in main areas such as FCC(USA) CE(EU), IC(Canada), TELEC(Japan), KC(Korea). SRRC(China), etc.

BIOSEC Fingerprint Technology, is a leading Biometrics Technology Company. Their core team started the Fingerprint Biometrics Algorithm research since 1997. Today they have their own IP Fingerprint Sensor, own IP Algorithm Chip and also offer complete Fingerprint Module. providing the best user experience for end customer. Having around 30 global patents related to fingerprint sensor and algorithm technology. BIOSEC mainly focus on better user experience of fingerprint biometrics technology and support global clients in various segments like Smart Locks. Mobile Device, Payment Terminal , Access Control and more.

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